California Gun Bills upcoming….that need to be stopped. AB962 and SB585

I’ve dropped a short post on the forum here:, that goes into some details and gives some links for information on these two bills, AB962 (Ban on Internet Ammunition Sales) and SB585 (Ban on Cow Palace Gun Show).

If you live in California, and are a gun owner, future gun owner, or have any interest in personal freedom – please join us in fighting these two bills. Both of them have passed and are currently sitting on the Governor’s desk, waiting for either a signature or a veto. We need to get as many citizens as possible to contact Governor Schwarzenegger’s office and give him their thoughts (politely please…). We have a chance to stop both of these bills, if we can get enough support.

For those of you that aren’t in California, in a way I apologize for using this space for a state-specific post – but in another way everyone needs to know about this. As has been proven many times in the past, if one state gets away with something, other states usually follow. So this could be happening in your state in a year, five years, or……

-Greg Trent

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