Yup. If we were to get nuked or suffer an EMP attack, it would happen about that fast. While the FedGov might have some sort of warning, we citizens would likely have no warning whatsoever. With North Korea testing nukes again and launching a bunch of missiles and Iran beating its chest like a gorilla’s warning (not to mention they’re outright telling of how they want to annihilate Israel), I think it’s pretty clear that we’re in a new era of crisis threats. I don’t think we’ve been this close to someone detonating a nuke in anger since the 1980’s.

If you haven’t given much thought to what would happen if we suffered even a single nuclear detonation in this country, let alone several, uh, now might be a good time to start learning about it. An EMP attack is probably even more likely, as you can affect a much larger area with a single detonation.  In fact, while one may do it, two or three would definitely get the job done.

Recently, I finished a new book that was just published in March 2009, called “One Second After,” by William R. Forstchen. To me, this is a fairly accurate look at what were to happen if this country were to be the victim of an EMP attack. In summary, it ain’t pretty. I do recommend the book for a grim, but realistic look at the aftermath of an EMP attack.

We used to say that your first goal is to be able to stay in your house for two to four weeks, without any external help (grocery stores, etc.).  Now, however, considering the type of threats that we’re facing, I have to say that your minimum goal needs to be 3 months, and then move that to 6 months ASAP.

Hopefully, all of these things will blow over and we’ll look back on this period and chuckle, but if not … well, that’s why it’s called being prepared.

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