Body Armor And Riot Safety- How It Can Help Civilians

The recent years have witnessed an upsurge in riots, shootings, and violent incidents all across the country. In such tough times, personal safety is a top concern for law enforcement agents, journalists, first responders, and others in dangerous professions. At the same time, it also becomes a matter of apprehension for civilians who are equally exposed to such grave incidents.

The surging popularity of prepping has brought even more attention to personal safety. Right now, it makes sense for even common people to be prepared for the worse. Fortunately, it is legally permissible for civilians to buy and wear body armor for ensuring riot safety and keeping themselves protected in similar dangerous situations. Let us explain why investing body armor makes a good idea for civilians.

Body armor and personal safety

Body armor is critical safety equipment that was originally meant for the personal protection of police officers and army professionals. Being ballistic-resistant, these vests are capable of protecting the wearer against different types of handgun and rifle ammunition, depending on their safety level specifications as rated by the NIJ. Apart from safety from bullets and blunt trauma of bullet impact, they can also keep the wearer safe from attacks with sharp-edged weapons such as knives.

Essentially, these garments offer a reasonable level of coverage for the torso, back, and sides. Since these body parts have vital organs, they need all the extra protection that bulletproof vests provide. This makes them an ideal piece of protective gear for personal safety, not only for police officers but for common people as well.

High-risk civilians and ballistic protection

Riot situations can happen anytime and anywhere, which means that no one is safe. A bullet doesn’t distinguish between a civilian and a law enforcement agent, so both are equally susceptible. Rather, unarmed civilians are always at high risk because they are easy targets for attackers. While every civilian should invest in this kind of protection, experts at engarde body armor explain there are some high-risk people who need it all the more. Needless to say, you should consider buying a vest on priority if you happen to be in this high-risk group.

Bank officers, ATM repairmen, pawnshop and jewelry store owners, convenience store clerks and owners, judges and attorneys, and forest rangers are the ones who require ballistic protection. This is obvious because of the dangerous nature of their professions. Similarly, the residents of high-crime, riot-prone and dangerous areas should also buy body armor sooner rather than later.

Body armor regulations for civilians

It is clear that bulletproof vests are vital for civilians because of the growing number of riots and violent incidents in the country. However, there are some local and federal limitations imposed by the government on purchases of body armor by civilians. Therefore, it is important to understand whether you can legally buy one for riot safety in your area. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of law just because of lack of awareness.

It is important to know that anyone who has been convicted of a criminal act in any state cannot legally buy or possess any kind of body armor. If they still do, there is a possibility of serious penalties apart from the ones already imposed for the crime. Once you are sure that body armor is legally permissible in your case, you can go ahead and buy one from a reputed online seller.

Considering the volatile situation in the country right now, protecting yourself should be the top priority. So a bulletproof vest surely deserves a place in your personal safety checklist, whether you are a seasoned prepper or just a newbie.


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