BBC News – Americans get set for disaster day

An interesting article from the BBC. There’s nothing really new here, just a small glimpse into how preppers are being reported in the media. It’s interesting to note that the article makes a distinction between “preppers” and “survivalists.” Survivalists are still seen as evil, nasty Neanderthals who dress up in camo and run around in the woods, whereas preppers are nice people are are just concerned with disasters.

I just see this as a clean way for the media to start embracing the concept of being prepared without having to retract anything bad they’ve said about survivalists.


BBC News – Americans get set for disaster day

If there was ever a major disaster in northern Virginia, Chuck Izzo’s house is Greenville is where you would want to be.

Tucked away in his pantry are enough tinned food and water to last for two months.
In the basement an inverter hums quietly, charging batteries that could easily power most of his three-storey home’s lights and appliances for nine hours.

And for when that runs out, he has a wood-burning stove with a two-month supply of fuel pellets so he can cook and heat the whole house.

Mr Izzo is a “prepper”, one of a growing number of Americans who are preparing their homes and families to survive a major disaster they believe could arrive at any time.

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