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Pandemic 2020 #4 – Current COVID19 Situation

The United States is too large to look at the entire country’s cases as a single entity. For example, when COVID19 cases were exploding in New York City, most of the country had very few cases. However, NYC is seeing fewer cases and starting to open up again, yet we have other areas in the country seeing record daily cases and have hospitals initiate emergency backup plans. The below is from the New York Times newsletter from 6-09-2020 and shows the new trouble spots: If you’re in one of these hot spots, you should be preparing for a large amount … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 #3 – Terms to Know

There are a lot of terms thrown about when people discuss viruses and pandemics. It’s important to know what these are in order to better understand the data and information you’re exposed to. I’ll expand this list as needed, but the information we’ll be going over soon will contain these terms.  TERMS: Epidemic – Spread of an infectious disease within a localized community.  Pandemic – Disease prevalent over the entire world.  Mortality Rate or Death Rate – a measurement of deaths scaled to the total population. Often expressed in terms of number of deaths per 1,000 or per 1,000,000. CFR … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 #2 – COVID-19 is Not a Hoax

If you are doing your own research on this COVID-19 disease and all that’s happening with it, then it’s likely you’re coming across some conflicting information. One of the main issues in finding reliable COVID information is the large amount of politicizing taking place. You would think with a global killer pandemic we could pull together, but apparently not.  I’ve just finished looking at this CDC “report”  everyone is referring to ( First of all, it’s not a report, it’s a series of planning scenarios. Second, the information is at least a month out of date. And thirdly and most … Continue reading

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Build Off-the-Grid Now

Guest post by Maggie Potter The coronavirus has made one thing clear — people in society don’t keep a safe enough distance from each other. The fast spread of the virus has governments ordering people to stay home and avoid contact with groups and others. The hardest-hit areas are large metropolitan cities such as New York City and Seattle. Social distancing and quarantining at home may be an impossible concept to follow for some, but for others, an ideal way of life. It’s hard to say what will happen in the future, but it’s likely we’ll see more issues from this pandemic, … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020

Pandemic 2020. It’s the worst thing to hit us since the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. I realize that it may not seem like currently, but it’s critically important to realize this pandemic is not over. Right now, people are getting political over this virus or are ignoring it completely. Neither of these behaviors is going to make this go away – in fact, it’s likely to make it worse.  Probably like a lot of you, when this pandemic hit, I spent a lot of my time rounding up last minute supplies. Because it doesn’t matter how well prepared you are, … Continue reading

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How to be a Prepper Parent for Every Aspect of Life

Guest post by Maggie Potter Parenting while you’re a prepper adds more responsibilities to your plate and new risks and concerns. You have to worry about the survival needs of your kids (which can be different than your own) while trying to balance your role as a parent. If you’re a soon-to-be or new parent, how do you prepare your kids for the future in a way they can understand for their age without causing undue stress and fear? It’s the biggest challenge of parenting as a prepper mom or dad. Fortunately, the task is right up your alley — … Continue reading

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How Long Will Ammunition Last?

Stored correctly, and in a dry place, ammunition can generally outlast any other firearms equipment like scopes etc… It has a very good shelf life. For example, rifle cartridges have still proved to be lethal even when the product was originally released at about the time of WWI and stored until the present day.  I have an airtight tin of Russian 7.69X54 R that was produced at the end of that war, and it is as accurate and deadly as it was on Day One of its life. So that ammunition can last forever, sealed canisters are the answer. The … Continue reading

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Dog Care for Survivalists

Guest post by Maggie Potter Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend” for a good reason. They’re loyal, hardworking, trustworthy, and true. As a survivalist, having a dog comes with the added benefits of always having a close companion. You can lean on a dog for emotional support, and they can provide protection in dangerous situations. Dogs even help to lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels. Most dogs can be trained to do multiple things, but some breeds are more specifically skilled in certain areas than others. But, whether you have a guard dog, a hunting/tracking dog, or … Continue reading

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Rural vs. Big City Life: Important Pros & Cons to Both

Guest Post by Dave Artman If you’ve thought of moving, you might be stuck between considering rural life versus big city life. Which is better? The answer is a personal one, but it’s worth considering the pros and cons of each.   Living the Rural Life Pro: Everything is quieter. People think of the big city as smelly, unkempt, and, most of all, loud. Rural life is appreciated for the quiet it provides. No police sirens, car horns, or people screaming. Instead, you have nothing but the sound of grasshoppers, frogs, coyotes, and birds. Con: Things are farther away. That … Continue reading

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Basic Techniques for Rifle Shooting

Guest post by Jay Chambers If you’re in a long-term survival situation, a hunting rifle is a handy tool. This is doubly true if you happen to be holed up in an area where foraging and fishing are sparse. But, you won’t be getting game with your rifle if you can’t hit anything with it. And, you likely won’t have a ton of ammo. So, there’s no room for misses. Fortunately, most hunting situations require just a few basic shooting skills, which are easy to learn. Here’s a rundown of the fundamental shooting skills and a few tips for applying … Continue reading

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