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A New Author…

This could be interesting. I know this person who has some rather insightful observations into what they see going on around us. I’ve found these to be intriguing enough to allow this person to post on this site as an experiment for new content. I haven’t been keeping up with the site too much lately, so perhaps this will introduce something new to the site. This person will be known on here as Anonymous Thinker, and has direct access to post whatever and whenever they’d like.

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The Top 6 Tactical Flashlights! Which One Is Right for You?

Remaining safe both in your home and while on the go doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the right self-defense tools, you can effectively remain safe at all times of day. Continue reading

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8 Practical Self-Defense Tactics for Senior Citizens

Unsurprisingly, senior citizens are among the most vulnerable targets for predators. According to a recent report from the Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime, despite the fact that over 10 percent of older adults experienced some form of elder abuse in the past year, crimes against senior citizens are highly underestimated and underreported. Those with cognitive disabilities and degenerative diseases, including dementia, are at particularly high risk of violent crime and scams. Continue reading

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Black Powder in the Modern World

Guest post by Richard Douglas It’s important to realize the dangers associated with using black power and smokeless powder. Please seek the appropriate training and knowledge before attempting to use either. The below is for informational purposes only. Right now you can go to the store and buy boxes of rounds already packed with primer and gunpowder, but let’s say you found yourself in a different situation. Maybe you’re a historian or a curator at a museum. Maybe you’re in an apocalyptic event and fired the last round you had looking down the scope of your rifle. Whatever the reason, you … Continue reading

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Why It’s Critical to Have an Escape Plan in Any Environment or Location

Evasion and escape are critical components of any self-defense plan. Confrontation should be your last choice no matter where the assault takes place. You could likely get seriously injured or possibly killed. There are very few things you can control when it comes to preparing for personal defense. However, you can control your actions and how prepared you are to defend yourself anywhere. There are two common places where it’s critical to have an escape plan. Those two locations are your home and in public. Let’s discuss each in a little more detail. The Necessary Components of a Strategy to Escape … Continue reading

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How To Prevent The Most Common Injuries You Can Get In The Woods

Guest post by Natasha Ramirez More people than ever are flocking to the woods for a quick hike after a long day at work, for a fun weekend getaway, or to get some exercise. But the woods can be a dangerous place for the unprepared – especially if you need to spend an extended length of time in them. Unexpected weather, dangerous animals, and new terrain can make living in these conditions particularly hard. Preppers know that if disaster strikes, the woods may become an important place to be able to survive in long-term.  As a testament to the danger of … Continue reading

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Homemade Gunpowder: A Step-By-Step Guide

Guest post by Richard Douglas Editor’s Note: The study of basic chemistry can be an amazing look into how our world works. However, it can also be very dangerous. This article is for informational purposes only. You’ve just finished up at the range, set your rifle back in its case and cleaned your long range optic. But you’re left with a lot of empty brass. Some would ignore the opportunity and leave, but there’s another option. Whether you’re a prepper with a stockpile of ammunition or are starting from scratch, bullets are a limited resource. This is why it can … Continue reading

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Digital Night Vision Monocular: A Game-Changer for Hunting and Prepping

Guest post by Kalman of As a night hunter and peeper, you must need the right viewing device to detect your prey. Night vision monoculars have gained popularity for their compact size and optical performance in this regard. They can be used for different night viewing activities such as camping, hunting, wildlife observation, and other nocturnal purposes. Digital night vision monoculars are a newcomer in the market compared to traditional devices. The invention of digital NV monocular made today’s night hunting easier than the previous time. They are available with different budgets and one device can be used for multi-tasks. … Continue reading

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How To Prepare Your Apartment For A Disaster

Guest post by Natasha Ramirez. If 2020 hasn’t made you take a long, hard look at your disaster preparedness plan, you probably haven’t been watching the news. There are some events like the “murder hornets”, for example, that took over the internet that shouldn’t worry you too much. But wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters have become a reality for people across the country, and if there was ever a time to fine-tune your preparedness plan, that time is now.  When you rent an apartment, most repairs are the landlord’s responsibility. But when natural disasters strike, those rules go out the … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Financially for Any Disaster

When you think of financial preparedness, do you immediately think about your emergency savings fund? While having emergency savings is absolutely essential, that’s just one small part of what’s required to make sure your money is truly prepared for a disaster. For example, are you prepared: for what happens if you can’t access a physical bank? to exit your home quickly with all of your medical, insurance, and personal paperwork? to provide documentation of everything in your home as part of an insurance claim? to avoid damage to your credit if you can’t pay your bills following a disaster? Another … Continue reading

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