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Things to Consider When Trying to Become Food-Self-Sufficient

It’s no secret that our current food production and distribution model is a weak link in the fight against climate change. While personal transportation can oftentimes be reduced and waste cut back on, food is an essential part of our lives. As such, it accounts for around 10-30% of the average household carbon footprint. However, not all food is created equal. When you buy food at a grocery store, you don’t know if it was produced sustainably or ethically. Pause and take a moment to think about how much fuel was used to transport each Ecuadorian banana halfway around the … Continue reading

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How a Career in Medicine Can Better Prepare You for Survival

If you are in the unfortunate situation of facing a natural or man-made disaster, you are going to need to think fast. You never know when a friend or loved one will get injured, and if you don’t act immediately and provide the care they need, then things could quickly get worse. That’s why, if you are serious about preparing for anything from the next tropical storm to doomsday itself, a career in medicine is a smart investment. There are many health fields that you can consider, from nursing to occupational therapy, and by earning your degree, you can learn … Continue reading

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How Current Events Can Influence your Prepping Philosophy

Preppers usually have their own philosophy for preparing for the next natural disaster, life-altering event, the zombie apocalypse, even doomsday. And that philosophy doesn’t change often.  But many people are taking a deeper look at recent events in the world and are using what they learn to reshape their philosophy on prepping. The COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, weather woes, government shutdowns, economic injustices, social justice movements, and so forth all influence how we prepare for what’s to come.  Let’s look at how current events can influence your prepping philosophy and better prepare you for future events.  Finances  Current events almost … Continue reading

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Adding Self-Care Into Your Doomsday Preparation

Self-sustainability has become something of a buzzword in recent years, and it remains a crucial factor in every preparedness plan. Relying on your own resources is among the best ways to stay secure when disaster strikes. While preppers often focus on building up a supply of food, water, and medical supplies, it would be a mistake to overlook your personal health, both physical and mental. Practicing self-care routines, paying particular attention to eye and oral health, can result in healthier outcomes over the long run, even when healthcare services are no longer available. By ensuring that you’re in optimal health, … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Extreme Weather

While most preppers focus on natural disasters, it’s so important to understand the risks and dangers of extreme weather, and how you can be prepared if it ever strikes your location. From severe storms and tornadoes to debilitating blizzards, extreme weather can wreak havoc on certain areas of the country.  Unfortunately, severe weather is often something that often occurs alongside natural disasters.  So, knowing what to do can make a big difference when it comes to keeping you and your family safe.  Let’s cover a few common types of dangerous weather and some tips you can use to prepare for … Continue reading

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How to Teach Your Children About Firearm Safety

Sometime between the ages of 7-10, your child should be mature enough to understand the basics of firearm safety. If you have guns around the home, even if they’re locked away, it’s a crucial conversation to have with your kids.  Tragically, about 1,300 children die from firearm accidents each year. While sometimes it’s a matter of the firearm getting into the wrong hands, many of those accidents could be prevented if your child was more knowledgeable about firearm safety.  If you’ve been thinking about introducing your children to firearms, it’s important to know they’re ready and willing to take every … Continue reading

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Balancing Self-Sufficiency and Community

Contributing Writer – Jori Hamilton Self-sufficiency is pretty self-explanatory and often a major factor for preppers who want to be safe and secure. It’s about divorcing yourself from the dependence on societal systems and the labor of others. Examples include eating what you grow, learning new skills to take care of yourself, and having the resources to provide for yourself (and your family) without help.   But, self-sustainability isn’t easy. Depending on where you live or in certain situations, it’s next to impossible. There are certain skills you may never be able to learn. Or, there might be someone in your … Continue reading

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Practicing Survival Skills When You Live in an Urban Setting

Survival skills have always played an important role in staying prepared for the worst-case scenarios of life. While over the last several centuries our species has migrated toward city living and urban spaces, the focus on the tools needed to overcome and recover from disaster hasn’t really made the trip with us. Indeed, survival training is still usually undertaken with a trip out into the wilderness.    Yet, the dangers that occur in the depths of the woods don’t necessarily reflect how most people are likely to experience a fight for survival. Recent studies have revealed that natural disasters are on … Continue reading

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Best Places You Can Move to Before or After a Disaster Strikes

If you consider yourself a prepper, you’re probably already one step ahead when it comes to thinking about potential disasters. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point in our society where it feels like it’s only a matter of time before the next big natural disaster occurs.  Whether it’s an uncontrollable wildfire, a tsunami, hurricane, flood, or another weather-related event, there are places across the globe that are safer than others. While moving after a disaster can help keep you safe from future ones, being proactive now and deciding to make a move can protect you and your family immediately.  It’s imperative … Continue reading

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Incorporating Mental Health While Prepping

As you prep, it’s important to include your mental health into your plan as well. Continue reading

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