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Daily Prepping Tasks That Every Prepper Should Be Doing

Guest Post by Dave Artman When it comes to prepping, many preppers will think far into the future— doomsday is looming and you need to prepare for that eventual day. Tasks will include loading up on clothing, armor, weapons, dried/canned food, and many other survival necessities. But, while you’re thinking ahead of yourself, you’re overlooking what might happen during the current day. A basement loaded full of purified water, uncooked rice, and canned beans mean nothing if you’re at work while society begins to collapse. So, how do you go about prepping each and every day? How do you ensure you’re … Continue reading

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What Are Preppers Really Gearing Up For?

By: H. Davis The idea of “prepping,” or gearing up to live without support from the government, has become really popular within the last decade. According to the New York Post, companies that cater to individuals who want to be self-reliant for things like food, water, and medical supplies have experienced an increase between 200 and 400 percent. Due to this drastic increase, prepper products and kits are now offered at places like Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, and even, Bed Bath & Beyond. What these companies aren’t telling consumers, however, is what’s driving this growth. In other words, why are citizens gearing … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Barter System in the Future

The barter system is something that the first world has all but forgotten in the present day. Thinking about transactions in which there is no money changing hands, just goods, is something that is beyond the scope of a normal American’s thinking capacity. It feels alien, and it feels wrong. However, some people are getting ready for this sort of situation already without knowing it, when they buy gold in an IRA or a retirement plan of another kind. The fact of the matter is that bartering existed up until quite recently. In fact, it was probably completely eradicated when … Continue reading

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