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Prepare to forget COVID-19

Soon, very soon, you’re going to see a shift in the narrative. Soon, one by one, countries will drop their mandates regarding covid-19. The UK just did. Expect to see this across other countries fairly rapidly. However, they’re going to shift the focus to climate change because “the earth keeps getting warmer and there is no snow or ice in the arctic anymore.” Cue eye roll. In fact, we’re going to see a rapid reversal on just about everything related covid. But, the narrative will change quickly to, “Huh, looks like it was man-made, lab-leaked, and not really all that virulent … Continue reading

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You’ve been duped

“The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing people he didn’t exist.” I don’t know who said that, but it’s illustrative of what’s been going on for decades. People who don’t take the time to inform themselves find their brain has filled up on information spoon fed to them. Such is the case with the pop garbage called ‘Global Warming.’ Any scientist finding it surprising to find a connection between a warming period just before an significant cooling period isn’t a scientist; they’re a political shill. Science is about always asking whether what we know is the truth or … Continue reading

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Nope, Tonga Volcano not the Expected Big One

By now you certainly have heard about the Tonga eruption. If not, here’s a good summary of what happened and its effects: This could be the start of what I referenced earlier. The amount of debris ejected into the upper atmosphere will have a little cooling effect on the earth, but this isn’t the significant impact I’m expecting. Remember, I said VEI 6 or above, and this seems to be somewhere between a VEI 3 and VEI 5. VEI 5 is big, but not big enough. To put it to scale on what I expect, there needs to be … Continue reading

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2022 will not be better

Many of you are waiting for 2021 to be over. “2022 can’t be any worse, right?” Wrong. It’s going to be much worse. Starting in just two days, the price of many things will go up. Some things as little as 2%, but other things will see as much as a 20% increase in price. This is on top of the increases we’ve already seen. We’ve essentially had a two year warning. Did you heed it? Are you ready? Many are not. Based on the plethora of preppers out there spouting their “knowledge” on YouTube, my guess is no. Most … Continue reading

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China’s Stockpiling because of supply issues?

You’ve probably seen headlines like this recently: China Panic-Hoards Half Of World’s Grain Supply Amid Threats Of Collapse Typically, the reasons given are either the current supply chain issues or they expect a global shutdown due to the pandemic. Neither of these are likely correct, given when they started stockpiling in bulk. More likely is they’re stocking up because they’re getting ready for war, and likely because they’re aware of the solar cycle. Remember, the Chinese empire spans millennia and has a long memory. The point: Get ready for the long term.

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Predictions 2022 – Watch out for these

There are too many things going on to keep an eye on all of them. Below is the list of things that keeps me up at night. This is not a time line – though some do need to happen before others. The Sun’s output has been dropping slowly, cooling down the earth and wakening volcanoes. Now that we’ve entered the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), the cooling is accelerating. The cooling climate is beginning to show in local weather. Among the most significant are the global weather-related crop failures (heh, just wait for this winter). Governments have known about the … Continue reading

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Two points requiring serious consideration

What you hear coming from other “preppers” is only the tip of the iceberg. Very few people are talking about medium to long term issues. We’ll get into that in future posts, but for now, but consider these two points: You only have a partial picture of what’s coming. You are nowhere near prepared enough (especially you, the one that just said, “Yes, I am.)

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