Are More Bank Failures Coming – You Can Bank On It!

If you’ve been paying attention, then it’s no secret that many banks are in trouble and are dangerously close to closing. Do you know how your bank scores? Do you know if your bank will be open tomorrow?

A quick article that sums it up pretty well: “BankUnited Won’t Be Last Bank Failure: The FDIC Is Going to Have a Busy Year.

If you want to find out where your bank sits, go to Flying Eagle Gold and check the links on the right side, entitled, “Weakest Banks in the U.S.” and “Strongest Banks in the U.S.”

Whether or not your bank is on the naughty list, you should have cash on hand at home, stored in a fireproof safe that’s bolted to the floor or wall. If your bank closes, it may be a while before you can get your money. And as the FDIC has to content with more and more failures, it’s not unreasonable at some point to expect that it may take a very, very long time to get your money.

Just like with everything else, prepare for it now.

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