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Aquaponics for Prepping — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Rob,
    Do you know if this book covers the setting up an aquaponics system in Southern regions that typically have prolonged periods where the temperature is over 100F.

  2. From Tony:
    “Well, I live in Florida and it gets pretty hot here. I think the book reflects that but it also lends itself adapting to ones own climate/situation.
    some other thoughts are:
    AP system, generally speaking should save around 80% of the water one would use in a traditional garden.
    We keep the greenhouse walls rolled up and the roof vents open during the Summer.
    We have thought about running some weed block across the top to add some shade.
    Also, keep the water level down a couple of inches below the surface of the grow bins.
    Use light colored medium in grow bins
    Hope these thoughts are helpful.”

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