All the Old Episodes are Now Back Online

Most of the listeners subscribe to this podcast through iTunes.  Any of you that have the subscription set to update automatically, may have noticed a lot of what seems to be duplicate episodes. The new numbering of episodes is causing this, but there is an easy fix.

I just made a post on how to fix this issue in iTunes, you can read it here.

I apologize for any headaches this might have caused. It wasn’t possible to avoid the confusion that it caused in iTunes and renumber the episodes. None of the podcasts have been removed, so there’s no danger in losing any of them.

Going forward, the renumbering of podcasts will make it simpler to refer to a specific episode, instead of the odd way I had initially started numbering them.

Now that I’m done with redoing these old shows, the first in the new series will be posted shortly.  Look for it either tomorrow or Saturday.

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