AlertsUSA Threat Journal – July 13, 2013

See AlertsUSA Threat Journal – July 13, 2013 for more.


Law enforcement agencies across Florida and the country (see thisthis and this) are preparing for the possibility of rioting and general civil unrest when the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial comes down. Final arguments were made on Thurs and Friday of this week, with the jury sent for deliberations early Friday afternoon.

Social media engines such as Facebook and Twitter are on fire with threats of violence if Zimmerman walks (see thisthis, and this). In addition, highly visible groups such as the New Black panther party are being particularly vocal in their threats.

In just one of multiple examples Samir Shabazz, the apparent head of the New Black Panthers, stated they are preparing to take the fight directly to those guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin – white people living in suburbs all over America.

The Broward county sheriff is clearly expecting trouble and has released a series of public service announcements to attempt to preempt any possible violence, though law enforcement is planning for the worst. Police across the Miami Metro area have been undertaking riot training over the last few weeks, though they state the timing is all coincidental.

If you think any of this is hype, keep in mind the 1992 L.A. riots, the 2001 Cincinnati race riots and many others. The media, career race baiters and many of our elected officials, including President Obama, have intentionally stirred the racial component of this tragic incident.

From AlertsUSA’s perch, we see a particularly dangerous situation brewing. Don’t take these threats lightly. Watch your back in the coming weeks, regardless of the verdict. Avoid all groups and demonstrations, even if they appear calm. You all know your neighborhoods and the tepidness of the situation. Regardless of the outcome, the verdict will likely be used as an excuse to blow off steam and, potentially, for violence, looting and general mayhem, particularly in or near urban, inner city areas. Caution is urged.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the situation and notify service subscribers as events warrant.

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