AlertsUSA – 3 Day Sale!

Take advantage of this terrific alerts service!

AUSA-280-transpAlert messages are sent in SMS form direct to your mobile device. You also receive a weekly audio National Situation Update and newsletter (also sent to your mobile device) providing expanded details and expert analysis on alerts sent during the preceding six days. In short, SMS alerts for immediate notification and a weekly roundup and analysis in audio and newsletter form each weekend to fill out the details.

With AlertsUSA you learn of threats and breaking events much faster than with the mainstream media, if they report on a subject at all. The time saved can be the difference between safety and disaster, being in the right or the wrong place or how you respond.

Because messages are sent to your mobile device, you can be warned of dangerous developments 24/7/365, regardless of your location. You are assured of no hype, political influence or mundane filler material. If the world is quiet, you will not hear from us until the weekend update. We only report the bad stuff, and then, just the facts, allowing you to make important decisions without having to wade through clutter. And all alert messages are issued by an actual human being (this is NOT an automated service).

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