I’m a realist.  This means that I tend to look at things in a realistic way. Many people mistake realists for pessimists, because our look on the world isn’t all sunshine and lollipops, though unlike a pessimist, a realist would be totally fine if it were.

Sometime after high school, I realized we live in a fragile world and sought out what I could do to better my odds were I to find myself neck deep in a disaster. While in the Marine Corps, I took advantage of any survival school that was available. As I continually learned more survival skills and what it took to survive, I realized survival often was dependent on how prepared you were, both mentally and physically. Later in life, I learned staying prepared is more about a “whole life” solution, than it is about just having some gear and supplies.

Along my preparedness journey, I have met people whose ‘preparedness solutions’ vary widely, from the barefoot naturalist to the uber-tech gear head and have found that there are so many different ways one can prepare, that there is no single right way of getting it done. To be sure, there are many, many ways to do it wrong, but if your solution works for you, then make that part of your preparedness plan.

Though I’ve been working on my preps for decades, I’m still not finished. And in truth, I never will be. There will always be the consumable supplies needing to be cycled out and replaced, and the improvements in technology making a better, lighter or more efficient widget that replaces my old, worn out one.

I started out as a party of one, but that has grown to include kids, pets, friends and extended family. As my circle of protection has grown, so has the need to increase my preps. Additionally, the number of concurrent threats is on the rise, which requires an expansion of my preparedness capability in order to handle the what-if scenario of, “What if Disaster A and Disaster B happen at the same time?”

I have spent countless hours scrounging to research techniques, ideologies, plans, methods, products, and finding solutions to the various future issues that can confront us without notice. Because of the broad scope and ever-changing landscape of preparedness, my search continues to find better solutions and like minded people so we can share with each other what we’ve learned.

The podcast and this website was the natural ‘next step’ on this path. In it, I continually have told my listeners to always do your own research. What works for me, might not work for you and you need to know that before you rely on it. Test your preps. Test your plan. Make sure the solution you choose actually works and will help you survive.

There hasn’t been a new episode on the podcast for years and I don’t see any new ones on the horizon, as the current climate makes for a difficult path. The old podcasts are still available for listening, as are the articles on this website and new articles are added periodically to keep the website fresh. Maybe, one day in the future, we’ll see new podcasts. But until then, keep learning and preparing.

Semper Paratus,
Rob Hanus

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