A Quick Checklist for New Preppers

Guest post by Bryan Borris

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The pandemic has changed the mindset of people as it has shown that you can never be too prepared for an unexpected disaster. Even the ones who weren’t enthusiastic about prepping a year ago are now ardent preppers by choice. While you prepare to face a situation like the current one, you will have an added advantage. Prepping gets you one step ahead of a crisis, whether it comes in the form of a car accident, a sudden layoff, a riot or violent incident or a long-term economic downturn.

However, contemporary prepping needs to have much wider coverage than the conventional approach. It should cover you on all fronts, health, finances, personal safety, provisions and more. However, considering all that needs to be done, it may require a lot of work, and a checklist can be of great help. Here is one you can rely on for prepping for all uncertainties.

Visualize your risks

Even before you start planning your prepping strategy, you need to visualize your risks. The outbreak of the pandemic has widened the perspectives greatly, as it is something no one could have imagined. Consider the situations that you may encounter in the future, and you will have a better understanding of how you need to gear up. The prepping essentials like food, medicines and safety equipment will always be there, but you may need some extras depending on the situational scenarios. For example, masks and sanitizers made to the top of preppers’ wishlists during the pandemic era.

Get your health and finances in order

Whether you are an ardent prepper or leave things to chance, you always need to be on top of medical and financial issues. Your health will always be on top priority, so a proactive approach keeps you ready for any crisis. Be regular with your checkups and go the extra mile with fitness so that you do not have to struggle with medical issues during a critical situation. Keeping your finances sorted is all about having enough savings to get you through for a few months, even if the cash inflow stops. At the same time, it is vital to manage your debts.

Pic credits: https://bchtactical.com

Pay attention to personal protection

Although personal protection right now is focused on the protection against the virus, there is a lot more it entails. You will need safety gear too if the situation gets violent, as in case of riots and home invasions. Buying a gun is a good idea because it gives you the confidence you need to keep your home and family safe in the toughest times. If you are looking for something easy to carry and conceal, a glock 43x is a great option. Apart from a gun, you can invest in body armor as well. Consider getting the basics like a pocket knife and pepper spray for situations that are not life-threatening but require you to escape.

Get your place ready for a few weeks of self-sufficiency

The COVID crisis brought the lesson of self-sufficiency for everyone, and every homeowner wants to be a prepper now. The last thing you would want to struggle with again is a mile-long line at the grocery store. It makes sense to stock up your home with essentials. Though panic buying isn’t the smartest thing to do, it would be wise to have adequate supplies to assure a few weeks of self-sufficiency. Create a checklist to follow every time your stock runs low and replenish the essentials like food, water, toilet paper, toothpaste, medicines and baby and pet supplies.

Have your bug out bags ready

A bug-out bag is something that no contemporary prepper should miss out on because anything may happen at any time. The current situation is enough to show how things can change in a moment, and you need to be ready for all contingencies. A bag full of personal essentials can help you survive when you suddenly have to evacuate from your living space and look for safer shelter. Pack bug-out bags for every family member, at least for everyone who can carry it. Ensure that these emergency bags have everything you may need, from ready-to-eat food to water, individual first-aid kit, toilet paper, field knife, cord, flashlight and more.

Although you cannot expect to be fully covered when disaster strikes, a peppers’ mindset definitely gives you an upper hand. It is a realistic approach, rather than something that makes you fear too much. Apart from having the right mindset, following this comprehensive checklist is a great idea as it can make a difference between life and death when things get tough.


Author Bio: Bryan Borris, the gadget guru, the content master. His love for technology and passion for writing are the two master streaks of his professional life.

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