A Closer Look Towards Home

Lately, we’ve been focusing on some larger events that are happening now or may happen in the near future. However, we shouldn’t forget about the other “minor” scenarios that can happen. For example, right now in the US, there is a large swath of arctic cold gripping the country and much of the North is getting lots of snow. 

We need to keep in mind that there are many smaller things that can occur which can effect us as much as a large event. If your local grocery store is out of food because people panicked and rushed to the store to buy whatever they could get their hands on before the storm arrives, this is no different from the shelves being bare for any other crisis. This is fairly common when a big snow storm is predicted in some parts (especially those that don’t often get big snow storms).

If you’re not currently affected by the current winter system, take this time to review those potential disasters or events that can occur locally to you and make sure you have kept your options open (by properly planning and preparing). If you’re currently dealing with this winter storm, make notes on what you can do to be better prepared for next time.

The good thing about preparedness is that, when done right, it will provide for you in a wide range of circumstances. Anytime that you are operating outside of your “normal life,” you should take that opportunity to learn how you can make better preparations for the next event that occurs.

Click on the link to the right for the Preparedness Capability Checklist and go over it.  Use it to check your current preparedness level and fill in the gaps where needed.

– Rob

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