So, you really believed the Federal Government when they said that it was only going to cost the American Taxpayers $700 Billion for the bailout. I don’t think the ink was even dry on that paper when it already began to increase. The Federal Government is prepared to give away $7.7 Trillion dollars of your money. Isn’t that nice of them? Read the Bloomberg article.

I don’t remember giving anyone in the government permission to spend our money like that, but they’re doing it anyway. Why? Because they can. What does it mean? It means we’re in for a whole lot of hurt.

Seven trillion dollars represents about half of everything that was produced in the US last year. With the way that things are going, it could be all that we produce next year. Whether we approve of it or not, we Americans are responsible for this debt.

They are running the Treasury printing presses non-stop. This is insanity. It seems that everyone is too big to fail except the US citizens, who will have the pleasure of getting to hold the short end of the stick. Again.

Folks, massive inflation is headed our way. See the posts below for more information, but I don’t see how this ends up on a good note.

If you don’t know who David Walker is, check out the video below. It was recorded at the beginning of the year. See how much if it has already come true. Hang on people, this horror movie has just started.

– Rob

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