5 Things You Must Do To Get Through a Jungle Safely

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There have been quite a number of stories in the past about people trapped in jungles for a couple of days without food, water or proper shelter and yet they managed to survive. There have also been numerous reality TV shows on real people crossing the Amazon jungle. Such stories lead to the conclusion that though the jungle is a dangerous place, anyone can survive in it with the right tools, knowledge and with the right actions.

Here are some five tips on how you can survive your ordeal in the jungle:

  1. Ensure you have salt

This is a little known fact, but going for a couple of days without salt is bad for your body. Salt will maintain the chemical balance in your body and keep your nervous system and muscles working properly.

Salt is also important for preserving and tenderizing any foods you might have. It’s also good for flavoring foods, which will uplift your mood when stuck in the jungle.

  1. Keep your gun handy

Most of the animals in the jungle will react to your presence, but with a gun, you can fire a few warning shots to scare them away. No one handgun is perfect for the jungle, but as you will be walking for many days, you probably want to carry a small gun. Make sure you carry enough ammunition to ensure your safety.

  1. Know how to hunt for water

Even in the wet season, it might be difficult for you to come across a clean water source, so always have a water bottle with you. If you are lucky to walk by some springs, fill up on your water supply.

When it’s dry, all water sources that are above ground will dry up. Instead of looking for rivers when it’s dry, look for muddy patches in the ground and if you dig a little deeper, you will find some water. Sometimes you might get lucky when it’s dry and rain could pour down. Though this is very rare, if you have a bottle, you could collect enough water to last you a few days.

  1. Don’t be caught without your lighter

It’s always easier to have a lighter with you as opposed to trying older methods of lighting fires, such as rubbing sticks together. Carry your lighter in a plastic bag to keep it waterproof.

In case it gets wet and your wood fuel takes long to burn, gunpowder will come in very handy. You can tap gunpowder from your gun ammunition to fire up tinder, which will then ignite your wood fuel.

  1. Know how to hunt for carbohydrates

You will probably find yourself surviving on proteins like fish, bird eggs, insects or any canned food you may have been able to salvage. However, as more time passes, your body will start to crave carbohydrates for energy.

Learn how to dig for root tubers that are safe to ingest. Edible plant leaves and fruits also have carbohydrates. In order to last longer, try to strike a balance of your carbs and protein intake

With these tips, you will have a greater chance of surviving in the jungle.

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Bern Madison is a retired military officer and a great outdoors man. He buys his guns and ammunition from http://shooting.org/. Visit his site for more.




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