2022 will not be better

Many of you are waiting for 2021 to be over. “2022 can’t be any worse, right?”


It’s going to be much worse. Starting in just two days, the price of many things will go up. Some things as little as 2%, but other things will see as much as a 20% increase in price. This is on top of the increases we’ve already seen.

We’ve essentially had a two year warning. Did you heed it? Are you ready? Many are not. Based on the plethora of preppers out there spouting their “knowledge” on YouTube, my guess is no. Most likely, you’re not ready either.

You may think you’re ready, but unless you have a multi-decade plan, you’re not ready. This supply chain issue is only a short term problem. There are plenty of other things you need to be ready for after that (see my post about Predictions 2022 – Watch out for these.

To be fair, these predictions aren’t just for 2022, but most of them are things you need to know for what may happen. Also, while we’re speaking of fairness, I’m only busting your chops on not being ready to wake you up. Time is getting to a point where preparing will either be expensive or simply impossible to obtain, given the cascading effects (again, see the post on Predictions 2022 – Watch out for these).

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