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'tis the season for luck…"Arizona student stranded by snow survived on candy bars and melted snow for 9 days …."

She’s lucky, did some things that were poorly thought out, but others that were smart. It’s a different season now, and hopefully you readers have gone ahead and repacked or added to your vehicle kits, for your specific areas. Link: -Greg

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SHOT Show 2012…

One of the largest outdoors/media/shooting sports trade shows will be coming back to Las Vegas in 2012, January 17-20, and The Preparedness Podcast will be there, covering new preparedness products. It’s almost impossible to cover everything, so what would you readers like to focus on? I’m not going to be there for the whole show, but I should have enough time to cover a decent amount – and enough time to make some posts direct from the show. Feel free to shoot some ideas out to us – comments page works, or email, and maybe I’ll see you at the … Continue reading

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