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Airspace Over Flooded Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Still Closed

Why close the airspace? Especially if they keep telling us there’s nothing to worry about. Another illustration on how you need to be able to take care of yourself and get your own information. Hopefully, the people living downwind of this plant aren’t being irradiated right now. — Airspace Over Flooded Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Still Closed Power Plant Still Closed Ricky Kreitner | Jun. 15, 2011, 4:02 PM | 55,438 | 64 A A A   inShare 139 Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant is an island, but authorities are hoping it stays dry. Image: Associated Press See Also: The … Continue reading

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Episode 103 – Update Your Prep Plan

With the recent series of extreme disasters that we’ve been seeing around the world, now is a good time to update your preparedness plan and make sure you have a plan for even those events that aren’t likely to happen. Case in point, the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster that’s still happening in Japan and the “worst case scenario” tornado that hit Joplin, MO. While some seem to ignore this basic fact, the earth has a history of cycles. Sometimes things are calm and sometimes things are chaotic. To me, it’s fairly obvious that we entered into a chaos period several years ago. … Continue reading

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