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BBC News – Americans get set for disaster day

An interesting article from the BBC. There’s nothing really new here, just a small glimpse into how preppers are being reported in the media. It’s interesting to note that the article makes a distinction between “preppers” and “survivalists.” Survivalists are still seen as evil, nasty Neanderthals who dress up in camo and run around in the woods, whereas preppers are nice people are are just concerned with disasters. I just see this as a clean way for the media to start embracing the concept of being prepared without having to retract anything bad they’ve said about survivalists. —– BBC News … Continue reading

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Episode 68 – Back to Basics – Jump Starting Your Food Preps

Several people have contacted me about being overwhelmed when trying to start their preparedness plan. For the next few podcasts, I’ll go over some basic things everyone can do to jump start their preparedness when starting from having no preps. FYI, the audio on this podcast is a little distorted; I have no idea why. However, it’s still quite listenable and the information is very good, so I decided to put the podcast out anyway. This podcast joins the Back To Basics series, which are a collection of podcasts that are great for reviewing the essentials or for someone who … Continue reading

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Episode 67 – Time to Kick It Into High Gear

Looking at the various events that could happen in the next few years, it’s beginning to look like some of them will occur. And if that’s the case, we need to make sure we’re ready.

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Episode 66 – Camping and Preparedness

Use camping as a way to practice your preparedness plan and get used to using your prep items. Rob discusses how camping allows you to iron out some of the kinks in your preparedness plan and actually use the gear that you’ve been storing “just in case.” A disaster is no time to figure out how something works or to learn that it works poorly.

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Study Reveals Californians Need to Increase Earthquake Preparedness Efforts — SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 5 /PRNewswire/ —

It’s not surprising that we’re seeing these sorts of “calls” to increase earthquake preparedness in CA. And, people should be taking this time to look at their preparations and update them where needed. To be sure, the governments will never be as prepared as they need to be, as it costs real money to make the proper preps and money is scarce in CA right now. If you like in a location that has a history of earthquakes you should be making sure that your preps are up to date. We’re clearly seeing an increase in dangerously strong earthquakes around … Continue reading

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