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While the danger from winter weather varies across the country, nearly all Americans, regardless of where they live, are likely to face some type of severe winter weather at some point in their lives. That could mean snow or subfreezing temperatures, as well as strong winds or even ice or heavy rain storms. One of the primary concerns is the winter weather’s ability to knock out heat, power and communications services to your home or office, sometimes for days at a time. The National Weather Service refers to winter storms as the “Deceptive Killers” because most deaths are indirectly related … Continue reading

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Evacuations in Nebraska

You never know when you’ll have to evacuate.  Keep your bug out gear handy at all times. — 2009-12-10 17:23:48 – Fire – USA EDIS CODE: FR-20091210-24119-USA Date & Time: 2009-12-10 17:23:48 [UTC] Area: USA, State of Nebraska, Protient Plant, Nebraska Damage level: Moderate (Level 2) Not confirmed information! Description: A huge fire is burning at a closed manufacturing plant in northeast Nebraska, and officials are evacuating the area because they’re worried a propane tank could explode. There were no immediate reports of injuries from the Thursday morning blaze. Norfolk City administrator Al Roder says firefighters are working furiously to … Continue reading

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Rhymes with Threat Analysis

Here’s the accompanying list for the Threat Analysis podcast. Remember, this is just an example of a working think-tool for potential threats that may affect you. Your list may look different, or may be organized in different manner. Either way, the point is to make a list of what things may occur and adapt your preparedness plan accordingly. Personal Events Home Fire Vehicle Accident Property Crime (theft, robbery, burglary, etc.) Health Problem (injury or disease) Job Loss Economic Events Recession Collapse Inflation Deflation Natural Disasters Pandemic Wild fire Urban fire Pollutants and toxins from fire Severe storms (micro-bursts, tornadoes, hail, … Continue reading

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Before Winter Storms and Extreme Cold

It’s always good to review the basics.  Winter is coming, make sure you’re prepared. From Before Winter Storms and Extreme Cold Add the following supplies to your disaster supplies kit: Rock salt to melt ice on walkways Sand to improve traction Snow shovels and other snow removal equipment. Prepare your home and family Prepare for possible isolation in your home by having sufficient heating fuel; regular fuel sources may be cut off. For example, store a good supply of dry, seasoned wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove. Winterize your home to extend the life of your fuel supply … Continue reading

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QuickerTek intros soloar chargers for range of MacBooks

A little pricey, but all solar is these days. If you’re looking for a way to power you MacBook on an indefinite basis, this setup has a lot of merit. Sure, you can put together your own solar power solution for your laptop, but that flexible solar panel is pretty neat. — QuickerTek intros soloar chargers for range of MacBooks QuickerTek has expanded its line of solar chargers to include new models capable of supplying power to MacBooks. The Apple Juicz chargers feature a flexible solar cell that can be folded for storage while traveling. The 27 watt version unfolds … Continue reading

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