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Episode 46 – Using A Camping Stove As A Backup Cooking Source Part 1

Rob and Greg talk about the massive amount of guns and ammunition that is being bought up by Americans. We are seeing this first hand in our local areas. This is a good example of why we prep and stock up when we can, because when something happens, it usually happens pretty fast and you can end up short and unprepared. Main topic for this podcast is using a camping stove as a backup cooking source and cooking in general. We also talk about using Propane for emergency cooking on a converted Coleman Stove to increase the flexibilty of the … Continue reading

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Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan : Welcome To Jim Sinclair’s MineSet

“Based on today’s price action, one would have to say that the price of gold has consolidated long enough above $1,000 that the market has now come to terms with a permanently higher gold price of 4 figures. Without wanting to be premature, gold under $1,000 would undoubtedly be viewed now as a bargain. That is why markets that move higher, consolidate, move higher, consolidate, etc, are sustainable bull runs. The run and pause effect gives the industry TIME to become acclimated to the new, higher price level whereas markets that launch into parabolic type blow offs, while spectacular, are … Continue reading

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