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How Much Water do I Use?

People always ask how much water he or she needs to have stored, and while we’ve covered water storage at length, I thought I would just put a quick little blurb up about how to find out much water you use a month for your entire house: Look at your water bill. Your water bill will list your usage and if any of the number or term aren’t clear, you can call the water company and have them explained to you. Remember that the totals include everything from drinking water to water used for bathing, washing, laundry, and your yard. … Continue reading

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Safe Deposit Box, is it Safe?

We all like to think that using a safe deposit box is a safe and good idea. As it turns out, It can be the worst of ideas. Watch the video then decide for yourself.

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I Didn't Think of That!

Hey, I didn’t think of that! Every happen to you? It happens to all of us, and to me all the time I must admit. I keep a little note pad with me almost all the time, and when something pops into my head, I write it down. I think is a good practice to everyone to do, but especially for us preppers. This can apply to more than spontaneous thought. Last night my family ran out of ketchup. Not a big deal, but i don’t like running out of anything. It was just something that I didn’t think about, … Continue reading

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Data, Files, and Important Documents – Back It Up

Back it up, is a term many of us have heard and most often relate to computers and the data or information held on them. This term, or more importantly, idea of backing up and keeping copies of important information applies to any critical document we have. Many people have or have access to multi-function printer devices that integrate scanners. How many of us have used that scanner to copy birth certificates, wedding documents, Social Security cards, and, well you get the idea. Scan this stuff and go wild. Storage space is cheap, and with the advent of cheap usb … Continue reading

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FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Cutting through the FUD. FUD is a term commonly tossed around on many internet forum and chat sites. It stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, and is commonly used when untrue information is is used or given as a reason for compliance or as a basis for decision. Really, it’s a term used when misinformation is used to prompt others into action or inaction by reason of fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt. This term is most commonly applied to governmental agencies. The California DOJ is notorious for handing out contradictory or just plain wrong information. Head on over to for … Continue reading

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One in Six People Go Hungry

There hasn’t been too much reporting about this lately, so it may have dropped off your radar, but the food shortage crisis is still an issue (IOW, it’s not a “non-event”). The global financial meltdown has pushed the ranks of the world’s hungry to a record 1 billion, a grim milestone that poses a threat to peace and security, U.N. food officials said Friday. Because of war, drought, political instability, high food prices and poverty, hunger now affects one in six people, by the United Nations’ estimate. The financial meltdown has compounded the crisis in what the head of the … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Deaths Double In A Week

This is troubling. Hopefully it’s just a fluke, but we need to keep an eye on this. The U.S. death toll from the H1N1 swine flu now stands at 87, up from 45 a week ago; and the number of cases in Arizona is up to 645, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported Friday. The CDC said there are more than 21,400 cases nationwide, up from 17,855 a week ago. There were 597 cases of H1N1 in Arizona a week ago. Wisconsin has the most H1N1 flu cases in the U.S., with 3,008, followed by Illinois at 2,526, according … Continue reading

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Episode 24 – Information Resources Part 2

Rob and Greg continue discussing the various Information Resources that they use. Tools: – Google Reader – it’s a tool to read RSS feeds. Makes it much faster to go through large amounts of info. – Apps or programs that display RSS feeds or widgets – Apps like DevonThink Pro, MacJournal, or WinJournal.  Use these to store the various pieces of information that you come across.  The other two are simply journal programs, but Devonthink Pro is a powerful notes database program that even has AI to help categorize and find related information. News Websites: – Fox – CNN – … Continue reading

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Episode 23 – Information Resources Part 1

(Previously billed as Episode 22) Information Resources – Rob and Greg discuss the various resources they use to acquire and gather information.  A couple of important notes: 1) Preparedness is not a race.  It doesn’t matter than you can last longer than the next guy, you need to be fully prepared to meet the crisis.  Your neighbor might have 1 week’s worth of food, while you have 3 weeks worth of food.  If the crisis lasts 4 months, you both lose. 2) Create an informational database and use it to store the various pieces of information that you come across. … Continue reading

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Are More Bank Failures Coming – You Can Bank On It!

If you’ve been paying attention, then it’s no secret that many banks are in trouble and are dangerously close to closing. Do you know how your bank scores? Do you know if your bank will be open tomorrow? A quick article that sums it up pretty well: “BankUnited Won’t Be Last Bank Failure: The FDIC Is Going to Have a Busy Year.” If you want to find out where your bank sits, go to Flying Eagle Gold and check the links on the right side, entitled, “Weakest Banks in the U.S.” and “Strongest Banks in the U.S.” Whether or not your … Continue reading

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