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Stocks end at 12-year lows

It’s no surprise that the markets are dropping, but it helps to stay in touch with where it’s at in relation to historical reference. Word on the “street” is that markets dropped because of worry about nationalizing banks.  Duh.  You think they would have been more concerned about this BEFORE they elected a socialist to the Presidency, but hey, I guess it’s too much to ask to be forward thinking beyond how good something feels. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is very close to closing below 7000, which I think will be the equivalent to an opening of the floodgates. … Continue reading

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Podcast Rebroadcast on Liberty Radio

If you’re aren’t an Internet connection tonight and tomorrow night at 6 PM PST, you’ll be able to catch a broadcast of the Preparedness Podcast, Episode #5.  This is the first podcast that we did with Jeff Bennett about gold and silver. Catch it on Perspectives on America at 6:00 PST on both tonight and Friday night (Feb 26-27, 2009).

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Top Off, and top off now.

“Top Off” – whuzzat? Top Off, topping off, whatever you want to call it. It’s the process of getting the last few “gotta have” things before things start getting really hectic. Things are about to start getting really hectic about right now. Even though the current administration had firearms control language in its information websites for quite a while, there were plenty of folks out there that continued to say there’s no issue here, yet. People that were planning for an AWB (Assault Weapons Ban) were panicking, the sky is falling, etc etc. Ok, the sky is now descending at … Continue reading

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Even MREs have a Shelf Life

Both are MRE cakes from 20 years ago or so. The one on the left must have had pinholes in the retort packaging. The one on the right didn’t taste too good either. In general, I’m okay with MREs, as I think they taste okay and it’s hard to beat a full MRE in terms of packaging and what you get.  Pretty darned decent survival food, when you consider it all.  I have my suspicions that those who say they don’t MREs are only bandwagoning.  I’ve seen people eat the exact same stuff in “civie” versions that they won’t touch … Continue reading

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Common Survival Tasks

Update: This list talked about on Episode 123 – Back To Basics – Commonly Overlooked Preparedness Tasks Continuing on our theme of basic preparedness, we’ve already covered the Common Daily Tasks that most people need to do on a daily or frequent basis. Identifying those things that we do on a regular basis can help us get ready for those time when basic social services break down. Common Survival Tasks is similar to daily tasks, but applies to a situation where you are not in the comfort of your home. For example, if you find yourself stuck in the wilderness, … Continue reading

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Fat, Fit, and otherwise

So I’m standing around the other day chatting with the nice ladies in our Occupational Health department when I, quite absentmindedly, I rubbed my hands over my belly (which seems to have come from nowhere) and exclaimed, “I’m getting fat!”  Always one for a little self-deprecation I was taken aback when the nurse I was speaking with looked me right in the face and said, “yup!, I was just noticing”…sigh… I’ve been out of shape and overweight for far too long, and well, it’s just laziness on my part.  What else can I say? Now, I’m not going to give … Continue reading

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Mindset, focus, and tunnel vision

One of the things that commonly happens to people is they become inundated with news, viewpoints and other media. They become inundated to the extent that either A: They “overprep” or B: They give up. Folks, when you’re prepping, have a plan. Don’t take too big of a bite, even though you see how much you have to do. Don’t become overwhelmed by everything. Take your time, and do it right. Mindset for preppers is critical, and it’s part of the prep lifestyle. We need to realize how the body and mind react to stress, and how those reactions figure … Continue reading

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Fun financial stuff (yah, that's gallows humor)

Even though it’s not mentioned much in the news any more, bank failures are still happening. As we mentioned in the podcast, the FDIC maintains a bank watch list, to help identify banks that are in danger of failing. Unfortunately, that’s not for public distribution – reason being of course, if you find out that your bank is on a failure watch list, you’ll immediately pull your funds out, and we can’t have that now, can we? (Do you ever get the feeling that the FDIC isn’t really into helping out the customers of the banks, but the banks themselves?) … Continue reading

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Starting Your Preparedness Plan, Part II

Hopefully, everyone has a good start on their preparedness plans, and are now ready to expand on it.  Expanding on it in the areas that we’re going to be talking about will provide more capability to your preparations, which gives you a better chance of surviving. Remember, these are only some of the highlights of what you should have.  See the Preparedness Capability Checklist for more. Alternate energy Have extra batteries for all of the battery operated survival gear. But alkaline batteries eventually die, so you can expand your capability by using rechargeable batteries, like NiMH, and a way to … Continue reading

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Date Your Consumables

When making your preparedness plan, if you don’t know how long something will last, it’s difficult to know how much to store. What I’ve found that works well for me is to take a marker and write the date on the package when I open it. Then, when that item is used up, I can look at the date and know how long it lasted me.  I write these durations in a log and refer to it when I’m trying to plan on how much to store for a certain period of time. Recheck these dates periodically to keep on … Continue reading

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