How to Pack for a Backpacking Trip

Camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities are not only fun, but also provide real-world experience that you can extrapolate into your preparedness posture. Here’s a good article by Jenn, from about packing for various durations of backpacking trips.

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Home Preparation: Ways to Secure Your Home for a Natural Disaster

By: H. Davis A natural disaster is a devastating event – caused by wildfires, rain, hurricanes, and earthquakes – that endangers not only lives of residents but property as well. Although there isn’t much that can be done to stop these events from occurring, there are steps homeowners can take to help reduce the overall effect these disasters can have on both their families and their property. When it comes to our home – a place we typically view as safe, secure, and treasured — it’s important for homeowners to know how to protect it. Not only will this help … Continue reading

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Episode 243 – The Different Prepper Types

Introduction back into the podcast Legacy affiliate Not really sure where I’m going to take this podcast, nor what the format will be. Feedback As I’m not sure where I want to take the podcast, I’d like some feedback from you, listeners. I’d like to make the podcast a little more informal, or casual than it has been. Ideally, I’d like to record it straight through and simply upload it. Previously, it would take me 2 to 3 times as long in production and post production, and I’d like to simplify the process. This means, what? Less quality? More umms … Continue reading

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The 10/22 Rifle as a Survival Weapon

What is the best gun to have when things go south? In other words, which firearm will let you survive outdoors, far from civilization, and feed yourself and your family fresh meat that you’ve obtained yourself? This question stirs up a lot of debate, but we are advocates for the Ruger 10/22, a .22 caliber rifle that is a most formidable rifle in the hands of a marksman. It is capable of not only bagging rabbits, but can also take down a deer and can be very deadly with the right sort of knowledge and skill. A Classic Long Gun … Continue reading

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Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is a good article on establishing a neighborhood watch, which is an excellent way to, not only meet your neighbors, but to get an idea who might be open to more preparedness minded projects. I’ve included, with permission, the entire article here for archival purposes. Please go to Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch programs help keep neighborhoods and communities safe. Starting your own crime prevention program—or reviving one that’s already been started in your neighborhood—can reduce crime in your area and give you a greater sense of security, and can even help improve your property’s … Continue reading

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Top 10 Popular Movies About Survival

Looking fro something to watch over Christmas weekend? Here are a few suggestions! Karen Pagan is the author for She has been working with writing for over three years. She spends most of her off-work time reading books, practicing dance, and catching  up with the new TV shows she’s been missing. Survival movies are filled with thrills and excitement, that is why movie buffs would always crouch for hours. Whether it’s about the end of the world, an apocalypse or an attack of zombies, survival movies make you think about the worst case condition but it is more about staying alive. Once the … Continue reading

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Indoor Herb Garden

On the same site as the Indoor Composting Bin, there’s a good article on making indoor herb gardens. A good amount of information is in the article for anyone thinking about growing your own herbs. Personally, I was thinking about using technique #6 or #13, as I have a bunch of old Mason jars, but the article has a bunch of ideas for using items around your house that are currently collecting dust. The hanging herbs, like in #10, is a really interesting idea and puts the herbs within each reach when your cooking. 27 Ways To Create The Best … Continue reading

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Indoor Composting Bin

Here’s an interesting article I ran across. Here in Arizona, I haven’t had much luck with the large composter in the backyard, but this small-scale indoor composting has potential. Using the coffee can, as they do, not only are you composting, but reusing items that may otherwise end up in the landfill. How to Make an Indoor Composting Bin In 4 Easy Steps

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How Important is Sleeping During Survival

(Ed. Note: Here’s another short article by a guest author to help start getting the content rolling again, but it does bring up a valid point. Without sleep, your body isn’t running at peak efficiency. Quite a bit of studies lately tell us getting enough sleep is more important than we probably think it is.) You can stock your pantry up with supplies to last a lifetime, prepare the most foolproof defense plans, and train yourself skills any prepper would be proud of- but none of it will be worth a thing if you deny your body one of the … Continue reading

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8 Preparedness and Disaster-Ready Apps

(Ed. note: Social media, and especially social apps on your phone, have become a necessity in the prepper’s ‘bag of tricks,’ so I welcome this guest post from Beth on some of the apps worth considering.) A mobile phone is your lifeline: to the people you love, the places you visit, and the daily services you depend on. Increasingly intelligent smartphones even grant access to Internet search, serving as a portal to the digital realm and a mediator within the ever-widening “Internet of Things.” This is our totally-connected era. But in the interest of preparedness, there are even more practical … Continue reading

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