How Important is Sleeping During Survival

(Ed. Note: Here’s another short article by a guest author to help start getting the content rolling again, but it does bring up a valid point. Without sleep, your body isn’t running at peak efficiency. Quite a bit of studies lately tell us getting enough sleep is more important than we probably think it is.) You can stock your pantry up with supplies to last a lifetime, prepare the most foolproof defense plans, and train yourself skills any prepper would be proud of- but none of it will be worth a thing if you deny your body one of the … Continue reading

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8 Preparedness and Disaster-Ready Apps

(Ed. note: Social media, and especially social apps on your phone, have become a necessity in the prepper’s ‘bag of tricks,’ so I welcome this guest post from Beth on some of the apps worth considering.) A mobile phone is your lifeline: to the people you love, the places you visit, and the daily services you depend on. Increasingly intelligent smartphones even grant access to Internet search, serving as a portal to the digital realm and a mediator within the ever-widening “Internet of Things.” This is our totally-connected era. But in the interest of preparedness, there are even more practical … Continue reading

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Monster Hurricanes

While our hearts, prayers and thoughts have gone out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, they now turn to those about to be ravaged by Hurricane Irma. And soon after that, possibly the victims of Hurricane Jose, whose current potential path puts it hitting potentially somewhere on the eastern seaboard. Irma has already set new records for lowest pressure recorded and sustaining 185 MPH winds for over 24 hours. Currently, Irma’s path is projected to scrub the east coast of Florida as a Category 4 hurricane and up into Georgia as a Category 2 or 3 storm, then into Virginia … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Reboot!

Howdy folks, as you’ve may have picked up on social media, primarily Facebook, I am in the (hopefully) final phases of rebooting the podcast. I’m hoping I’ll be able to release the first episode soon, but I’m still hammering out some technical issues regarding recording equipment. If all goes well, the podcast will also be a video podcast, released on Facebook and YouTube. The audio portion will still be available where it also has been, though I’ll need to structure the ‘casts for both video and audio-only listeners. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, but my plan is … Continue reading

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Precious Metals and Bugging Out

Another listener, Richard, wrote in: Perhaps you can answer this question about precious metals and bugging out. Let’s say you need to bug out of the country. Would American Gold Eagles still be valuable outside of the United States or should a prepper buy gold coins of the foreign country they bug out to (e.g. Buy Maple Leafs if bugging out to Canada, Pesos for Mexico, etc.). My good friend, Jeff Bennett, and I have discussed this at length several times over the past twenty years I’ve known him. The simple answer is gold is gold, and those willing to … Continue reading

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Business Financial Diversity for Preppers Question

Listener John wrote to ask: I was recently listening to [your podcast about preparing] for a financial collapse [or] economic collapse by having cash on hand, gold and silver, and buying goods. My question is this. I am a business owner and for business purposes keep a large amount of money in a major bank. What is the best way as a prepper to make sure that the government does not take this money under extreme situations? I do not believe having cash on and is an option as it is a large amount. Also, my vendors do not except gold … Continue reading

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Dead Wrong: 26 Survival Myths That Can Get You Killed

“The lore of the wilderness has seeped into many different facets of modern life. From movies, TV shows, and even cartoons, we may think we’ve picked up some handy tips about how to survive in the wild. But does pop-culture wisdom really pan out? Not always.” Read Full Story Here Click here for more Prepper News Watch

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26 Survival Uses for Wood Ash

“If you’ve had any experience with outdoor campfires, wildfires, or a fireplace, you are familiar with wood ash. Wood ash is the fine powdery material that is produced when any type of wood is completely burned up. Wood ash contains potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.” Read Full Story Here Click here for more Prepper News Watch

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Prepper News Watch for April 28, 2016

News: Pilgrim’s Pride Recall: 4.5M Pounds Of Chicken Products May Contain Plastic, Wood, Rubber, Metal Tornado, 90 mph Winds Confirmed From Night Storms Prepping and General Interest: These Four Common Insects Can Help You Find Water In a Survival Situation Mountain Man EDC Thirteen Yards in One Second: Why You Can Never Outrun a Charging Bear 22 Uses for Plastic Trash Bags for Preppers Electro-Magnetic Pulse: The Ultimate Terrorist Attack High Tech Preppers: Building the Ultimate Survival Tablet The Care and Feeding of Pressure Canners Self-Sufficiency Skill: Basic Shoe Care – Apartment PrepperApartment Prepper 26 Survival Uses for Wood Ash … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for April 27, 2016

News: Obama Reveals Plans To Build A “Missile Defense Shield” Around North Korea Prepping and General Interest: Five things to keep in your car The Best Way to Cook Different Cuts of Beef, in One Chart Review: Armageddon Tactical CompTek Type 1 Muzzle Brake Protecting Children During TEOTWAWKI or Other Emergencies How to Procure and Test Seeds – The Prepper Journal Power Outage Survival Stove Table Salt: a cheap and useful Prepping supply How to Turn Salt Water into Drinking Water Stockpiling for Preppers with Allergies 18 Things You Should Never (Ever) Compost How to Make a Super Cheap DIY … Continue reading

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