Prepper News Watch for August 29, 2014

Two things stand out in today’s PNW. The first is this boatload of “illegal immigrants” beaching a boat in San Diego. Read the story, as it sounds more like an incursion of terrorists than your typical immigrants from Mexico. We are under a current threat of ISIS (or IS), so this isn’t unexpected. The second thing is we’re starting to get some real reporting on the facts regarding the Ebola outbreak in Africa. As stated here and on the podcast, culture plays a large part in why Ebola is spreading so fast. When a population doesn’t believe that Ebola exists … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for August 28, 2014

Prepping and General Interest How to Choose a Carry Gun with the 5 ‘C’s of Concealed Carry Editorial: Fully Automatic Firearms & Safety BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY Debunking the Myth: Steel is NOT harder than brass Extending the Growing Season in the Spring 8 Multipurpose Items to Use for Off-Grid Survival 24 Things Preppers Are Tired of Hearing Medication and Emergency Preparedness Reference Table Of Seed Germination Rates Vs Temperature Quick Golden Cornbread Shipping Containers and How to Insulate Them Grow Garlic This Fall For Your Taste Buds — And Health Normalcy Bias: A Growing Immunity To Things That … Continue reading

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Episode 236 – Hurricane Preparedness with Crown Weather

-= PODCAST TOPICS =- Hurricane and Tropical Storm Preparedness – Talking with Rob Lightbown of Crown Weather Services Notes for this section: Tropical Storms & Hurricanes What are they? What’s the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane? How do they form? When is hurricane season? How much warning can we expect? How does the NOAA make their predictions on how many tropical storms there will be for a season? Do you have to worry about the category 1 or 2 hurricanes? Hazards Wind, and wind-blown debris Storm surge Rainfall Induced flooding Tornadoes Home prep tips before a hurricane … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for August 27, 2014

Prepping and General Interest Hugo’s Amazing Tape How to Zero a Handgun Laser Fact or Fiction: Small vs. Large Pistol Primers in .45 ACP Fact or Fiction: Steel vs. Lead Shot First Look: Blackhawk Go Box Hook-Back Accessories Baking Powder vs Baking Soda, Understanding the Difference How To Get Your Firearms Training On The Right Course Gear Review – The Crovel Extreme II Preppers: Surviving Once You Reach Your Bug Out Retreat September is National Preparedness Month: Let’s Help Raise Awareness Food Storage Calculator Spreadsheet – Free Download DIY Rain Gutter Aquaponic System Hantavirus: Clearing Up After a Rodent Infestation … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for August 26, 2014

Prepping and General Interest Why The Earthquake Near San Francisco Is Just The Start Of The Shaking In California Survival Medicine Hour: Bio-Warfare, Antibiotics, and More Why I Ditched Nalgene for Steel Water Bottles How To Prepare Your Car To Handle An EMP And Why You Shouldn’t Bother Teaching Survival Skills to Children Herbal Medicine Kit: Bleeding Improvised Fish Hooks 10 Awesome Ways to Preserve the WHOLE Peach One day. Forty earthquakes. One story. How Will You Know What Has Happened When ‘IT’ Happens? Essential Oils for the Top 5 Reasons Children Get Sick & Miss School How to Sharpen … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for August 25, 2014

Prepping and General Interest How to Test Silver Food Poverty: Malnutrition Diseases on the Increase Medical Supplies, Part 3: Orthopedic Injuries The new K&M M17S Bullpup Rifle How To Make Your Cast Iron Skillet Last Forever Establish a Plan B: Hydroponics Why Organic Fertilizer Beats Chemical Fertilizer Every Single Time The Sunjack Solar Charger and Camp Light. – Preparedness Advice Blog | Preparedness Advice Blog Ammo Prices: 08/22/2014 Ear Plugs or Rubber Bullets? Top Ten Guns To Shoot Before You Die First Look: Mossberg Magpul Series Shotguns News USGS: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes Northern California Chinese Fighter Crosses Within 30 Feet … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for August 22, 2014

Prepping and General Interest Survival Gear Review: Timbuk2 Aviator Backpack Ways To Preserve Meat These Edibles Also Improve Soil Is ‘Oven Canning’ Safe? 12 Months of Prepping: Month Seven Home Defense – Can be done! The Potty Box – Review and Giveaway How to Choose a Good Body Armor Do you Recognize this Enemy of your Food Storage? Glock 19 Perfection in a 9mm Handgun Risk of Death based on Gender and Age Home Safety Checklist: 10 Min Preparedness Project Are You An Ant Or A Grasshopper A Famine Menu — A Bare-Bones Food Storage Plan Homemade Steak Sauce The … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for August 21, 2014

Prepping and General Interest Product Review: 14 Watt SunJack Portable Solar Charger Renovo Trio 3 Stage Water Filter Review Wet-Weather Gardening: 6 Tips When The Rain Just Won’t Go Away Wheat Grinder FAQs Herbal Program to Stay Healthy While Traveling Post-Apocalyptic Healthcare Plans Fail → Skills Endure Preparing For a Volcano Eruption Eggs: One of the Perfect Survival Foods What the Ferguson Riots Can Teach You About Civil Unrest What’s the Best Way to Sharpen Stainless Steel Knives? [RQ#2] Surviving Disaster Near a Lake or River: How to Get Prepared Jiva Coffee Cubes 5 Toxins Hidden In Pretty Much Everything … Continue reading

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Episode 235 – Harvest Right: In Home Freeze Dryer

One of the biggest challenges we face in our preparedness plans is food storage. Freeze-dried food has a long shelf life, but can be expensive. Now, you can freeze dry your food at home with the Harvest Right In Home Freeze Dryer. It’s a great unit that allows you to freeze dry nearly any food. Now you can control what is in your food and the taste! I first saw this at the Spring 2014 PrepperFest and decided to interview someone from the company to learn more about the unit. I had a great talk with Matt NeVille from Harvest Right, and … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for August 20, 2014

As listeners of the podcast know, I don’t do fear. Having been in the game long enough, I realize there is no value in spreading fear about certain events occurring. Realistic discussions about potential events is important and prudent, especially for the prepper, but the “sky is falling” mentality is simply not productive. As such, the special coverage sections on the Prepper News Watch for Ebola and the events happening in Ferguson are no longer warranted. These are events to keep an eye on, but they’re no more or less important than the myriad of other potential hazards we’re facing. … Continue reading

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